Bangladays: Ali, Milon, Sharafat

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This the story of Ali (his Italian name): one of the thousand Bengali immigrant workers in Italy. As all of them he came in Italy, looking for a job, after an expensive, long and tiring jourey through Asia and Europe. As he was an illegal immigrant he did illegal works for years until he found a honest manager who gave him a regular contract. Because of that he got married whit his cousin in Bangladesh two years ago.

This is the story of Sharafat (his Bengali name) who pose for a picture during a mountain  walks in Italy: a souvenir for his wife who lives in Bangladesh.

This is the story of Milon (his family name) that every month sands money from Italy to his family in Bangladesh.

This is the story of a son, a brother and an husband that every year come back to his country, hometown and village to stay with his family.


Bangladesh, August 2011.

“Ali, Milon, Sharafat” is part of the Micro‘s collective work “Homecoming”.