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Rumore Nero is a little independent publishing house born from the need to promote and diffuse unique photographic projects, featuring them in little books in a limited edition that aim to interpret and valorize the pictures.

• “Dieci X” (Ten) is a limited edition: ten handmade copies where we use stamps, different kinds of papers and a selection of four digitally printed pictures. In this series we choose with accuracy four images from a previously existing project.

Issues AVAILABLE from OCTOBER 2012:

#1 Ali, Milon, Sharafat. Bangladesh 2011, photographer: Andrea Boscardin.

#2 Lu. Ukraine 2010, photographer: Arianna Sanesi.

Preview galley:

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Preview video:


• “Cinquanta L” (Fifty) is an edition of 50 copies in black and white digitally printed: every issue comes out from the sinergy of different professionals working together on an unpublished project by a single photographer;  the covers are made everytime by a different professional who is asked to use his/her technique: graphics, illustration, calligraphy.

Issues AVAILABLE from OCTOBER 2012:

#1 Ashes, Dust, Memories.

Italy 2012, photographer Andrea Boscardin, 16×22 black&white, cover: Luca Barcellona and Lucio Passerini, editing: Andrea Delle Case, layout and print: Aalphabet.

Making of  the cover by Luca Barcellona and Lucio Passerini:

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#2 Ecce Homo.

Spain 2012, photographer Andrea Boscardin, 16×22 black&white, cover: Marco Klefisch, layout and print: Aalphabet.


Credits: Logo by Luca Bacellona, name concept Arianna Sanesi.

Thanks to: Arianna Sanesi, Andrea Delle Case, Luca Bacellona, Marco Klefisch, Nicola Albertin, Paolo Bazzana, Micro, Aalphabet.

For more info please visit RUMORE NERO.