45 ½ (Palio)

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45 ½ Rumore Nero Series “C” Vol. 3 | Photographers: Alessandro Simonetti, Andrea Boscardin | Lettering: Luca Barcellona |

“The Sienese have always dreamed of and yearned for the triumph of their own district. Even as children we emulate the Palio with different street games, imagining that when we grow up we will be Captains, Priors and heads of our own contrada. Because of these dreams, we are willing to make sacrifices for the contrada, contributing to its growth in every way.

Everything to arrive at those tears of joy and relief that accompany victory. The hugs of all those with whom we have shared too many defeats erase the past: now we enjoy our triumph and then start all over again to work towards future victories.

Our feelings cannot be explained and the only way to try to understand them is by joining us on those days of love and hate, sacred and profane, joy and pain. On those days of madness and hope.(GN)

45 ½ Rumore Nero Series “C” Vol. 3. Limited edition | 100 copies numbered/signed |

Photographers: Alessandro Simonetti, Andrea Boscardin | Lettering: Luca Barcellona | Editing: Raffaele Vertaldi | Text: Gianni Nardi | Layout and print: Paolo Bazzana | Translation: Catherine Bolton | Handmade cover: Lena Berrafato | Silk-screen on cover: MH | Book Concept: Andrea Boscardin, Paolo Bazzana | Handmade cover: 20×25, silk-screen on cotton | Inside: 8 pages 11×25 + 52 pages 20×28, black&white digital print | Binding: Singer | Handmade and printed in Italy on September 2015 |

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