Muslim scouts

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In Italy the scoutism is very popular and famous. By tradition there are always been two separates Scout Associations: one Catholic and the other Secular.Lately, in the north of Italy, a new Association is little by little building up: the Muslim Scout Association. It’s mostly made of second generation immigrants.They look similar by the uniforms (of course the women wear the veil) and they have similar friendly foundations. The respect for nature is similar to the traditional scouting: they go camping like to walk paths in the woods, light camp fires but their God is different. In other countries, as in England, there is a big Scout Association grouping. Different religious groups gather in a single community whatever their religion may be. Often in Italy young Muslims live their cultural differences with the Italians of same age as something very difficult to deal with. And keeping these groups apart doesn’t help integration. Sometimes Muslims would much better off developping new ways for young people  to get together instead of feeling discriminated by society.

This story is about young Italian Muslim Scouts and their journey through the Italian’s  wood looking for a warm place.

Italy, 2010/2011.

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