9 “The Nineborhood”

SELECTED AND EXHIBITED on October 2015 in Paris at the book’s exhibition: PING PONG.


“The title is a charade.

If I wouldn’t have told you where they were, where would you have thought these guys go writing every day?

I am a stray dog, I don’t belong to a tribe and neither do I have a fascination for them.  But I do feel nostalgic when I look at these pictures; about an age I wont be and the places I wont see. I feel a pang of craving for youth and carelessness that is becoming more and more familiar. I open the book, and feel like a fish in a bowl getting glimpses of a secret story that has been going on in the aquarium – just glimpses. I recognize the city area where I lived, I recognize my home country on the basis of tiny hints; the setting of a table in a restaurant, the Apecar parked behind the corner. But for the first time I open my goldfish eyes to notice the existence of boys and girls sitting around, without wondering too much what being young in an outskirt of Milan could be, because I have been only an adult there.

There, I’ve said enough to make the curious more curious to go find the spot; and marvel at the fact that it was so close, remembered only for its immigrant inhabitants and its decay. Meanwhile over our heads and behind closed doors there was another story going on, a story made up of climbing, jumping, sitting in the sun, night swimming and laughing at goldfish like me.”

(Arianna Sanesi © Rumore Nero)

Italy, 2010/2014.